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"Since the Signing Up workshop, we have been using the signs with our 12 month old son and he is constantly surprising us at his ability to quickly pick up the signs and communicate with us. He loves when we sing the "Change Me" song from the Sign-Along-Songs DVD when it's time to change his diaper. What used to be whines and cries during diaper changing is now him listening and trying to make the signs along with me, and he smiles and giggles. Learning signs has really opened his eyes and seems to turn every situation into a curious, learning experience. I would recommend the workshops to everyone with a baby."
Lisa Schoenholt, mom of 12-month old boy

"While books will often show pictures of how to make a sign, this DVD (A, B, Signs) was very helpful in showing me how to correctly make these new signs."
Keely G., mother of Walker 19 months

"As a first-time mom of a 14 month-old girl, I was very happy to be part of a Signing Up class. Our daughter learned very basic signs such as "more, eat, drink, jump," etc. and it was just the spring-board she needed to begin conversing with her talkative parents. When she was able to tell us she was hungry for more food, there were no tears and no guess work for us, her parents. We loved the class. Melissa is great with infants and toddlers and is wonderful teacher."
Karen, NYC

"At our 18 month check up our pediatrician was telling us about what we should expect in future months in terms of Selim's progress. He told us it is still a little early to expect him to share with other kids. As soon as Selim heard the word 'share', he did his own version of 'share' sign and gave his toy to our pediatrician, which impressed all of us. Not only that he knew the sign, but he actually learned the meaning. Now when he doesn't want to let go of something, we just say 'share' and he gives whatever he is holding on to. Also, his favorite words are the ones that he learned the signs for. He does the signs and says the words at the same time. We can't thank enough to Melissa for her help and her little tricks!"
Melis, Selim's mom

"I have watched both of the dvds. I find A, B, Signs, which teaches the basic signs to children, to be fun and appealing. I like how the word is given many times so with repetition the children will learn each sign. It will be a fun way for a child to learn some basic signs and also will be a valuable tool for a parent or teacher to use with children. The Sign-Along-Songs dvd/cd is wonderful. The tunes are so catchy. I think the children will love to sit and watch the dvd and learn the songs. The songs are just great and I love how they take the child through a typical day."
Mary Small Vertanen, Mother of 2 and foster mom to over 45 children

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"It's great to see the kids take what they learn in Signing Up class home with them. I have babysat for some of the kids in the program and I have seen first hand how the babies use the signs to communicate."
Cassy C., teacher

"Melissa has an incredible ability to connect with infants / toddlers through signing, verbal communication and singing. I was skeptical to introduce my son to signing. However, a few weeks after having taken Melissa's class, I noticed my son's communications developed rapidly. The day after she introduced their sign song for diaper changing (which included signs for poop / peeing), my 9 month old used the signs and initiated toilet training. He hasn't pooped in his diaper since. Their songs are also addictive. As I sign and sing her clean up sign song, my son proactively wipes his face and hands after a meal. Although my son is not very verbal (yet), he communicates most of his needs through signing, from telling me exactly what he would like for breakfast to what activity he would like to do through signing. His communication skills have caught the attention of many New Yorkers who have stopped me on the street to comment on his abilities."
Uma, first time mom

"My daughter learned several signs in a class I took with her when she was a year old. I was amazed at how quickly she picked up on the signs. In particular, she regularly started using the sign for "more" and "all done" which greatly helped with feeding time. When she learned to talk a few months later these were among her first spoken words."
Karen R., Mom of Ashlee

"My daughter, Chloe, really picked up on the "more" sign before her first birthday. After hearing the sign songs in class over and over, one day out of the blue she just started using the "more" sign. I couldn't believe it! It was so great to be able to communicate with her even with just the one word. She was so excited to be understood and I was so excited to be able to react to what she needed so immediately. I tell everyone that I can't wait to start even earlier with my next child and teach even more signs because I truly think it cuts down on their frustrations when they can be so readily understood. I wouldn't have believed what a difference one sign makes until I saw it with my own two eyes!"
Michelle, Mom of Chloe

"My son took a class with Melissa. He loved the class and the use of signs during songs and playtime really helped to enhance the experience. Many of the children were able to learn how to express themselves before they had actual words. It was not uncommon to see a child sign "more" when they wanted a song sung again, or another jump on the trampoline. My son was able to translate what he learned in class at home as well. This has really helped him to express his needs and wants without getting frustrated, as children often do before they can talk. He uses several of the signs learned in class on a regular basis and it has made both of our lives easier."
Danielle, Mom of a 13 month old boy

"After 2 classes he was signing “More” and in 3 weeks he stopped screaming at dinnertime and started signing “All done”. I wish we had started earlier."
Ana Silva, Harry’s mom

"My son Joshua and I began working with Melissa when Joshua was only 6 months old and he is now almost 13 months old. Melissa has the warmth, patience and energy to work with all ages of children and I truly believe both the children and parents learn a lot from her. I know Joshua responds wonderfully to Melissa and her expertise with children and her willingness to work one on one with a child to meet his or her own personal needs and wants is priceless. I can only hope Melissa has the time to share her warmth and knowledge with as many wonderful families as possible! I know Joshua's favorite sign is "more" - and I know once he's older he'll be asking for more time with Melissa!"