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A, B, Signs DVD: Infant Sign Vocabulary

A, B, Signs DVD: Infant Sign Vocabulary A, B, Signs teaches more than 150 signs for babies organized by categories such as Objects, Activities, People, Food and more. Signs are clearly shown in American Sign Language along with videos or drawings of each word (Spanish translations are also included). Sign Vocabulary is further enhanced by written and spoken words for additional early language development. Have fun while you and your baby learn the As & Bs of signing!

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Sign-Along-Songs CD & DVD

Sign-Along-Songs CD & DVDA day in the life of baby through signs and songs. This DVD & CD set starts with Good Morning and ends with Goodnight and covers everything in between - like changing diapers and feeding - to teach you the signs most useful to babies. By using these 25 fun and original songs, you can get more comfortable with signing while having a great time with your baby.

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Sign-Along-Songs CD. Instrumental Version.

Sign-Along-Songs CD. Instrumental Version.His instrumental CD accompanies the Sign-Along-Songs CD and DVD. It is meant for teachers and creative families who wish to use the Sign-Along-Songs but want to put their own spin on it by changing the lyrics and signs to suit their own needs. A violinist and flutist play the melody line making it easy and fun to sing along.

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