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As seen on Parents
6-month old signs 'Milk'
Selim signing 'Please' and 'Share'
Penelope signing 'Drink' and 'Eat/Food'
Henry signs 'Friends'
Penelope signing 'Shoes'
Henry signing 'Friends', 'More', and 'Thank You'
Cooper signs 'Toast', 'More', 'Toast' again, 'Please', and 'Thank You'...
Penelope signing 'Change' (diaper)
Penelope signing 'More' and Eat/Food'
Penelope signing 'Dog' and 'Cat'
Henry watching 'A, B, Signs' DVD and signing 'More'
Sammy signing 'More' to his grandmother singing.
Selim signing 'share'
Bronsyn signs along to our Sign-Along-Songs DVD
Arianna (in pink) asks for 'Please' 'More' bubbles.
Henry doing his version of 'More'
Cooper signs 'Cracker'.
Arianna signs 'Help', 'Please', and 'All Done'.
Amir signs 'More'.
Amir signs 'More' on swing.
13-month old William signs 'More'.
13-month old William signs 'Mom'.
William signs 'Food'.
13-month old signs 'Wash (hands)'.
William, 13 months, signs 'Bird'.
Boy signs 'Dog' (tap hand on thigh)
Bi-lingual boy signs 'All Done'.
Ava signs 'Bubbles'.
Ava signs 'Food', 'Milk', and 'More'.
Sign for 'All Done'