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  • Photography: Eryc Michael Whiteley

  • Photography: Eryc Michael Whiteley

  • Photography: Eryc Michael Whiteley

  • Photography: Eryc Michael Whiteley

  • Photography: Eryc Michael Whiteley

  • Photography: Eryc Michael Whiteley

Welcome to signing up!

We are a New York based company dedicated to teaching ‘baby sign language’ to families, caregivers, and teachers. We want to make Baby Sign Language as easy-to-learn and accessible as possible. This is why we created instructional online videos; You can learn everything you need to know to successfully teach your infant to sign right now!


Get started today with our 'Teach Your Baby to Sign' Videos:

Check out our exclusive series of 5 instructional videos based on our popular Baby Sign Language (BSL) workshop. Learn how to get started, the signs most relevant to babies, the child's learning process, teaching strategies, and fun activities and songs to help you sign. You will also hear from families who have used BSL, and of course there are tons of home videos of babies signing to illustrate what this is all about. The first video is free. Just click and watch below. You can subscribe to the remaining 4 videos and choose the amount of time you would like unlimited access. Each video is 10-15 minutes long. 



For More Videos

1 month access - One time payment of $4.99 
3 months access - One time payment of $8.99 - with 2 free bonus videos!
6 months access - One time payment of $15.99 - with 3 free bonus videos!

So, what is baby sign language? Essentially, it’s teaching families how to use vocabulary from American Sign Language (ASL) with their babies so their little ones can learn to express themselves before they have developed speech.

Did you know that infants can be taught to tell you when they are hungry, sleepy or in need of a diaper change by using simple signs? Imagine how much easier it is to raise or teach a baby who can communicate their wants and needs to you, instead of guessing what their tears or tantrums may mean! And best of all, baby sign language is easy to learn and the rewards are fantastic. In addition to being able to communicate more effectively with your baby, research shows that babies who have learned baby sign language have better social and language skills as well as increased fine motor skills among other wonderful benefits. Most importantly, it improves communication and bonding between parent and child.

You will be amazed at how much your child has to say –or sign- to you when you introduce baby sign language into your home or school!

Signing Up in Action

Henry signing 'Friends', 'More', and
'Thank You'
After 2 classes he was signing “More” and in 3 weeks he stopped screaming at dinnertime and started signing “All done”. I wish we had started earlier.
- Ana Silva, Harry's mom, 14 months

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